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‘Gateway to Leicester’ might include new hotel

Leicester's new Everards Meadow site may soon include a hotel, according to the pub and beer brand Everards.

Stephen Gould, the Managing Director of Everards was speaking as part of a panel at Network LE's first business breakfast of 2020 and whilst discussing the wider opportunities for the site he suggest that a hotel could be party of the next phase of plans.

Speaking to the Leicester Mercury after the event, Stephen explained that the company wanted to spend circa £3.5 million on a 50 to 80 room hotel;

“During this year, Everards will make an application for a small hotel on the meadows site, which will be an Everard application rather than on behalf of another hotelier” Mr Gould said.

"I would imaging it would probably be between 50 and 80 rooms and we would want to do something which is very much in keeping with the development at Everards Meadows.

"With the connections the site provides to the city centre and beyond, we think the hotel will be more of a family oriented hotel rather than strictly business."

That message of family was echoed on the panel, which feature two other family businesses which have both seen growth ahead of and since their move to the site.

David Middlemiss and Paul Jenna of Rutland Cycling and Jennos' Cafe respectively both spoke of the need to embrace innovation whilst retaining a culture of family whilst also discussing how retailers need to create an 'experiential offering' if they are to survive and thrive in the modern market.

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